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Kurs przedłużania rzęs

About our company

We’ve been working in eyelash styling – extensions and thickening – since 2009! We treat our work as a lifelong passion, and each client is another challenge that we can cope with thanks to our wide knowledge and great experience. We gain both in our daily practice as well as during numerous training courses, which allowed us to discover the secrets of styling eyelashes. As a result, today we have a reputation as one of the best salons offering such a service in Poland.

Discover the beauty of your eyes with Bossomi Lashes

Do you value your time and not wish to waste it on applying make-up to eyelashes with traditional mascara? Do you have short and thin eyelashes, which are barely visible even with make-up? Do you dream of having seductive eyes 24 hours a day? Take advantage of our wide range of treatments – we extend and thicken eyelashes with proven methods 1:1, Volume 2D, 3D and 4D, Russian Volume, Volume Hyper 5-15D, and more

We can offer comprehensive services of lengthening and thickening eyelashes in Łódź such as:

Safe and sustainable innovation

During treatments for the extension and thickening of eyelashes in our Łódź salon, we use the highest quality materials and accessories fully tried and tested and authorized for use in the eye. All parts that come into contact with the skin and eyelashes of our client are disposable, and for ladies with allergies, we provide special adhesives, enabling the safe application of artificial eyelashes. At the same time we care about the durability of our treatments. Our applications remain on the lashes about seven weeks (with proper care), but in order to maintain the effect, we recommend to supplement the effect every 3-4 weeks.

Our services have already benefited our clients such as Maffashion blogger and singer Dominika Gawęda. Join them today!