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Stylizacja paznokci w Łodzi


Our attractive portfolio

Do you dream of having long, thick eyelashes? We know very well that, unfortunately, not all women are generously endowed by Mother Nature. To meet the needs of women from Łódź, we extend and thicken eyelashes by means of proven methods using cosmetics of reliable brands. Dazzle with your eyes thanks to the wide range of products and services of Bossomi Lashes!

Cennik - rzęsy

Classic styling 1:1

Classic styling in Łódź, during which, we extend, thicken and curl the natural lashes of our clients. To each of the eyelashes, we attach a synthetic equivalent, thereby the styling effect depends largely on the quantity and size of the natural eyelashes. We recommend eyelash extensions based on the classical method to the ladies of Łódź who have lush, though short and not very visible eyelashes.

During the procedure, we use synthetic eyelashes with a maximum thickness of 0.20.

Volume 2D/3D/4D

We extend the lashes and make them denser, as well as thicken and curl them for our clients from Łódź. For this purpose, we attach two, three or even four false eyelashes at the base of the natural eyelash. With this method, we obtain an excellent thickening effect lasting a longer time.

During the procedure we use Mink or Silk lashes of thickness of 0.10, 0.07 and 0.05.

Russian Volume

In our Łódź salon, we extend lashes with Russian Volume beating the records of popularity, which gives the impression of extremely broad and spectacular eyelashes resembling fans. Fluffy, even and lightweight applications are suited to natural lashes while maintaining high durability. During the procedure, we use eyelashes of thickness of 0.03 and 0.05.

Hyper Volume 5-15D (Hollywood)

Removal of eyelashes

We remove eyelashes safely using a professional product, priced from 30 to 50 zł.

It’s not only about the eyes – nail art

We do our best to give our customers what they want, that’s why we expanded our range of services to provide nail styling. Ola performs manicure and pedicure as well as nail extensions using hybrid and gel in our Łódź salon and it’s our pleasure to invite you on her behalf.

Cennik - paznokcie

Would you like to extend or thicken your lashes in Łódź, but do not know which method to choose? Are you planning an important celebration and you want to look perfect in every way? Take advantage of the support of the Bossomi Lashes Team, who not only accurately stylize lashes, but also provide advice in selecting the most impressive and effective techniques.

Ready for a revolution? Check how to change your eyes in the rim of thick, long lashes!